Shield Lab is one of the most best place that you should upgrade as early in game as possible after you have gotten your main team to a decent level and gear.

In this simple guide, we will note some of the best ways to take advantage of your Future Fight Shield Lab.

Anti-Matter Generator
Dump all of your money into the lab since you will never have too much Anti-matter. Anti Matter is used to both upgrade and run most of the tasks inside shield lab.

Upgrade and collect the Anti-matter as often as you can.

With the Anti-Matter that you have collected, upgrade the different buildings in the following priority:

Dimension Warp Device > Dimension Shop > Biometric Converter

Dimension Warp Device
Always upgrade the Dimension Warp Device when you have enough Anti-Matter. You can then spend anti-matter to get some free biometrics randomly. Make sure you always send in heroes with high enough level to get 100% success rate.

When you send out your heroes on these missions, you will get either the following result.
Failure, Clear, Perfect Clear.

Failure is possible when you send heroes below the level required by the mission.

Perfect clear occurs randomly and will reward you with additional biometrics.

The dimension warp device resets at the usual daily reset time for elite missions.

Dimension Shop
Dimension Shop offers various items for gold or biometrics for crystals. Higher level upgrade offers you additional item slots. Below is a quick summary of what you should do in regards to these deals.

Skip the EXP chips and ISO. They are useless.

Skip the high end gear upgrade materials, since they cost quite a bit of gold and it is typically better to farm them yourself.

Skip all of the biometrics except when they are for your main team that you are going for 5*~6*. Every bit of faster collection rate counts.

What you should really look out for is the low end and mid tier gear upgrade materials. They cost a reasonable amount of gold, and it it typically more energy efficient to buy them instead of wasting energy on normal missions.

Biometric Converter
The least useful out of the shield lab buildings. This building converts 2 of your biometric into a pseudo-random list of hero biometrics. Higher biometric convert upgrade level allows more daily attempts, however at a higher anti-matter cost per run.

You typically should not use the function at all unless the hero lists some biometrics that you really want. In most cases they are a loser’s deal since you are exchanging two biometrics for 1 biometric.

Running the roulette attempt will cost you some anti-matter as well.


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  1. I can not find my shield lab anywhere on my game please help I can’t teir 2 cuz I need antimatter nowhere to be found…

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