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Future Fight VIP Level and Cost — 19 Comments

  1. This isn’t correct as I am VIP 3 and spent less then $24. If it were a few $ off I’d say chalk it up to averages, my result got me there in practically half what this suggests, and I’m more then half way to VIP 4 so there’s that. This is obviously either incorrect or outdated.

    • I think it’s a little late for this reply, but it really depends on which package of crystals you’re buying.

  2. This is nonsense if you buy crystals on sale u get a 10x ratio at peak sales 1(1+1×5=1×10). If you buy 165 crystals you get 330×5, or 165×10, so 1650 for $2.50. That times 100 would cost you $250, and you would have bought 165k crystals. 165k crystals is well in to 11, so it’s more like $200 for 11 not $2500. If you’re a moron it is that expensive

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